This article aims to provide Shadowlands news to readers that want to know more about the game.

However, before delving into further details about Shadowlands we need to discuss a brief history of the World of Warcraft. 

What Is the World of Warcraft Shadowlands?

The game was released in 2004 for the 10th anniversary of the franchise from which it stems i.e. Warcraft. As the game is more than 16 years old, a large number of expansion packs have been presented to gamers. They have been able to grab the attention of gamers. Shadowlands is the eighth part of the series.

World of Warcraft has the honor of being one of the most sought-after games in the world. It currently has millions of players from around the globe that enjoy playing long sessions.

However, it had become incumbent upon the game developers to come up with new features. The reason being the cut-throat competition that other gaming titles launched recently were creating for the World of Warcraft.

Shadowlands was presented for pre-order at Blizzcon on 1st November 2019. It is scheduled to be released on 27th October 2020.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands news

It is essential to discuss the new features that the gaming title will make available for players. The reason is that players that want to enjoy the game even more and by playing the new version of the game they will be able to appreciate it further.

The Alpha Testing Of The Game

The alpha test is scheduled and is currently in full swing. New features are continuously being added to the game and testing is in progress. Gamers that are enjoying the alpha test love the overall experience.

Here we present some of the headlines regarding the game that are causing a lot of stir in the gaming market.

The Ability To Team Up With Dead People

One of the most sought after features of Shadowlands is the ability to team up with famous dead people from the past of Warcraft. This provides players with the ability to gain new skills and passive buffs.

This feature is highly attractive for players as it allows them to do something they have never done in the past. By making use of this action they can utilize a number of features of characters that are long dead.

Teaming up with these dead characters also has the additional advantage that it allows players to experience an entirely new world.

Torghast, Tower Of The Damned

One of the latest Shadowlands news is that a number of players are loving is the dungeon called Torghast, Tower Of The Damned. 

This tower is especially unique in the sense that as each time players enter it, it changes its appearance. This is the unique ability that makes the game highly fun-filled and captivating. The overall experience seems to be highly addictive which can attract gamers.

An additional advantage of exploring the tower is the unique new powers provided to players. This means that as players explore the tower, they get new powers. Which results in a lot of fun.

With this, it can be said that this tower is one of the biggest updates ever. Firstly, because it provides a new experience to players of World of Warcraft. Secondly because of the additional powers that the players get.

Updated Leveling Experience Of World of Warcraft

The current leveling experience of the World of Warcraft was highly unattractive and ineffective. Moreover, gamers had to go through the old zones which were not as much fun as the new ones.

Therefore, the developers of the World of Warcraft decided to fix it. This is big news for gamers as the situation was causing trouble for a number of players. 

Following this latest update, the level cap is updated to 60. Resultantly players can easily level up their characters now. This will allow the gamers to proceed further in the gameplay with ease. This eased gameplay will therefore attract a greater number of gamers.

Xbox Adaptive Controllers

Another highly fascinating feature is the controller support for Xbox adaptive controller that is being provided for the game.

This means that a lot of fun-filled experience will be made available to gamers. Making use of this experience, the game developer might be able to increase the number of gamers.

Players from around the world are very inquisitive to get World of Warcraft Shadowlands news. As a result, a lot of data miners are trying their best to get more information about the game. Many such data miners have failed badly in doing so.

However, the successful ones have obtained a lot of information. This information is presented to the fans of the title and they love what did data miners have in store for them.

Let’s discuss in detail about all these Shadowlands news wow that is truly amazing. This Shadowlands news holds a lot of significance for the hard-core gamers. Do you know that many World of Warcraft gamers have not been able to get proper sleep for the past several months? The reason is Shadowlands and how they have been anxiously waiting for the release of the game.

Here are some of the new features that are anticipated to be launched in the World of Warcraft Shadowlands. 

Possible Support For Gamepad

A rumor is floating in the market that the console port of the game is being prepared. The news can be false but how can anyone deny it when no one is confirmed yet. Therefore, players are hoping for the best as several hands at possible support for controllers exist.

Blizzard also acknowledged this data mine which is a big thing for gamers. Blizzard stated that the controller support is for making World of Warcraft more accessible. This has been done especially for players that use Xbox adaptive controller to play the game.

Furthermore, native controller support provided for the game will be a good step in the right direction. It might be difficult to run dungeons and raid efficiently. However, the ability to use a controller for playing the game will make it a great experience. Several models are already in existence which allows players to do so. However, it is a feature that players would love to have for their favorite game.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has players on a death quest after Sylvanas’s demolition of the Helm of Domination. It sweeps the boundaries between Azeroth and The Shadowlands, WoW’s version of the afterlife. 

A Unique New Experience For Gamers

The players have to travel to the Shadowlands to combat Sylvanas. They have to try to bring order to the different forces that exist there. The Shadowlands is an oiled mechanism in which dead souls are judged for their actions and sent to various realms.

But Sylvanas and her enigmatic companion, The Jailer, have disrupted this cycle. They are now sending all lost souls into The Maw. The Maw is a horrible and unimaginable place reserved only for the most horrifying and evil among creatures.

Players Are In A State Of Awe

Sylvana’s goal is not clear but it cannot be positive, so players must create an alliance with the various covenants in the Shadowlands to re-establish balance.

New Zones In World of Warcraft Shadowlands

WoW: Shadowlands offers a variety of new zones. Four of which are leveling areas in which players move in a certain order. A new central player hub is also present. It is named Oribos, A max endurance zone also exists which is called the Maw. A brief description of each scaling zone is given here.


Bastion is the first area to be tackled by players. This is the sanctuary of the Kyrian. This is like Heaven’s Shadowlands edition, in which good souls meditate and become unburdened from the chaos of their past lives. The Lightbringer lives here.


The Necrolords are dwellings of Maldraxxus. While they are hideous and horrific creatures, fundamentally they are not cruel. Maldraxxus is the headquarters of the military power of the Shadowlands. Furthermore, its culture is characterized by pride and courage. It appears like undead regions such as Western Plaguelands.


Ardenweald is home to the Night Fae. The ghosts of nature that protect everyone who steals away the souls to complete their regeneration and join the life cycle again. Ardenweald is like the Emerald Dream equivalent of the Shadowlands. The spirit of Cenarius resides in this place.


Revendreth is an entire region built after Count Dracula. It is the home of the powerful, faulty souls, and a world full of gothic art and gloom. Shadowlands’ first raid is also here. 

Shadowlands Covenants

One of the best new innovations in Shadowlands is Covenants.  Each region where you adventure is controlled by a faction such as Kyrian or Night Fae. Each of them has its own intent in the afterlife. When you support each faction, they will give you factional resources and two special abilities: one unique to your class and one universal ability.

You pick a Covenant to join when you end the main campaign.  s This permanently activates certain abilities specific to that faction. The Covenant’s decision would open up a long journey that will require a part of the endgame of Shadowlands. You may think of Covenants as the Order Halls of Legion.

Covenants also activate the so-called Soulbinding endgame progression method, for which we do not currently have much information. An illustration of some unique rewards from the Covenant is given here:

Image Source

As evident from the image shown above, the attention to detail in the game is exemplary. This means that players will have a great time while enjoying the game. This is exactly the aim of the game developers.

If players like Shadowlands, they are likely to attract new gamers as well. This will assist the game is gaining an even better fanbase. Resultantly the overall fame of the game will also see a surge.

Shadowlands Endgame & Dungeons

Just like all expansions, Shadowlands will add eight new dungeons at launch, and shortly after, a new raid will begin. Four of these dungeons are activated when progressing, and another four are unlocked after the level limit is reached.

The second most significant feature of the Shadowlands is Torghast, the Tower of Damned. Torghast is an “endless dungeon”. Players can navigate on their own or in a team of four other players.

Level Caps Now Down To 60

In a brand-new starter area built to showcase WoW’s battle and quests, new characters are set to start at level one. When players reach Level 10, they can decide on any expansion to move to. From here the level 50 where Shadowlands exists will start. That is right. Instead of rapidly disassembling and trying to proceed, you will experience the whole story of Mists of Pandaria.

The other big thing about this latest leveling experience is a new starting location, known as Exile’s Scope. This replaces the old level 1 areas with a brand-new island with enjoyable challenges and even more concise tutorials. The Exile’s reach does not last forever and is a lot of fun. It is a lot better than its obsolete beginning stage.

Improved Customization Options In The Gameplay

Shadowlands would also add a number of customization choices for new features, including individual faces. This will reflect ethnic backgrounds rather than only varying skin tones. Every race will have additional choices such as tattoos and hairstyles to make the appearance different from other players.

Image Source

As evident from the above image, a number of options exist. These options will help in making the overall gameplay much more interactive and appealing. Players are, therefore, highly likely to actively participate in the gameplay due to their existence.

Final Verdict

The new features of World of Warcraft Shadowlands are a treat for gamers. The players that have been anxiously waiting for the game will love them. The reason is that they will add a sense of freshness to the game.

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