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World of Warcraft is a highly sought-after game that millions of players from around the globe have been enjoying for more than a decade now. This makes the game old enough to be considered obsolete. However, thanks to the recent patches that the game has received over time that players still enjoy it.

The Highly Anticipated Shadowlands Patch of World Of Warcraft

One such example of patches which is also the recent addition to the game is known as Shadowlands. This patch has just been launched and thus players of the game are highly excited. The reason being that they had been waiting for the patch for quite a long time.

New Dungeons Added in World of Warcraft Shadowlands

The patch has provided a fresh look to the game and has brought several new features to the table that players can enjoy. One of these features is the ability to play the game in new dungeons. This article is aimed at providing insight to gamers regarding the new dungeons features by Shadowlands.

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Let’s, therefore, delve into the further details of these new wow shadowlands dungeons for gaining more information about them. In Shadowlands, players are going to have 8 new wow Shadowlands dungeons in total. 4 out of these 8 dungeons will be the leveling dungeons and the remaining 4 will be end game dungeons. In addition to this, the game will also have a new raid to play through.

In addition to these, players will also have the ability to enjoy the game in the Torghast dungeon.

Let’s discuss the wow Shadowlands dungeons based on their nature to understand them. This will enable the readers to participate in these dungeons in a way that they can enjoy.

Leveling Dungeons

In the latest version, there are four tiers of dungeons that are each connected to a different place in the leveling process.

Hands on with Shadowlands at BlizzCon

Since the essence of the plot is not necessarily the same in all zones, the aesthetics in various zones and dungeons differ. Resultantly the overall experience in each dungeon is unique and one of its kind. Here are the Leveling dungeons featured by the game.

The Necrotic Wake

The Necrotic Wake is the first dungeon that players will experience in the Bastion region. This makes it important for two reasons. Firstly, it determines the success and career growth of the players. Secondly, it provides a unique plot to gamers that is highly fascinating.

As in the battle for Bastion, Maldraxxus armies are plundering their way through Bastion, destroying the Kyrians, and robbing them from all their lands. If the necropolis Zolramas continues as it is, the whole Bastion will be nothing but ruin.


Plaguefall is the second encounter of players experiencing the shadowlands dungeons and is situated in Maldraxx.

After the loss of the Plague House, Margrave Stradama has plunged into misfortune, amid the attempts of the representatives to save their Margraves. In the former heart of the House, she now lives with both her madness and the shockingly monstrous nature. She guards a prize that is likely to determine the future of the Shadowlands.

Thus, this dungeon has a significance of its own in Shadowlands. Resultantly, players need to be focused to enter and complete it with perfection to make their game progress smooth.

Mists Of Tirna Scithe

Mists of Tirna Scithe is the third of shadowlands dungeons that players in Ardenweald need to encounter if they want to make progress in the game.

Just as players challenged the Drust in the Ardenweald, they must also encounter this dungeon. Besides, players also need to encounter the other beasts of the region. These beasts wanted to feast on the anima supply of the area such as the Gorm, Tred’ova.

Halls Of Atonement

The Halls of Atonement is the fourth dungeon that is located in the region of Revendreth. This is the last of the four leveling dungeons of the game.

After the death of Sire Demathrius, his search for anima ended and since then the halls have fallen under the command of Sire Chamberlain. He was the most faithful disciples of Sire Demathrius. However, the halls have sunk into dark and forbidden sorcery.

The halls that were once was a peak of redemption within Revendreth, have now just become a source of anima-feast.

Max Level Dungeons

De Other Side

This dungeon is located in Ardenweald and is the first of the max level dungeons that players will encounter while playing the game. The dungeon is full of surprises for gamers and they will love the experience provided by it.

Sanguine Depths

This dungeon is located in Revendreth. The Sanguine Depths are the prison of Sire Denathrius where he holds the most mysterious and powerful spirits.  These spirits are tortured, examined, and exhausted here to get the desired outcomes from them.

Each of these souls here has a special interest in the Revendreth rebellion and players can allow them to safely retrieve the prisoner.

Spires Of Ascension

The Spires of Ascension are located in the Bastion area and is a great dungeon that players are loving a lot.

Very little information is available about this dungeon and it is believed that the Spires of Ascension are attacked by Forsworn.

This is one of the most intriguing dungeons of the game and very rightly so because it features very little prior knowledge. Resultantly, players are required to explore it on their own. This means that players love the overall experience that is provided by this dungeon.

Theater Of Pain

This is the fourth and the last of the End Game dungeons present in World Of Warcraft Shadowlands. Resultantly it is one of the highly sought-after Shadowlands Dungeons.

This dungeon provides players with the opportunity to show off their strengths and skills. It allows them to compete against the fiercest competition and thus they can manifest what they are capable of doing.

Final Verdict

Shadowlands: Official Release Date Trailer - YouTube

The players of World Of Warcraft Shadowlands will be delighted by the experience provided by these dungeons. The reason is that they add a sense of freshness to the game and are therefore likely to be loved by players.

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