Which to choose from 4 Shadowlands Covenants?

Are you ready to play Shadowlands? Do you know everything about Shadowlands Covenants? Read this article and you will definitely know which covenant to choose!

Shadowlands is the recent version of the highly anticipated game known as World Of Warcraft. It is a global success that has been able to gain the attention of millions of players from around the globe.

Shadowlands contains a large number of new features that have been provided to give the game a new look. It also helps in making the overall experience fresh and more entertaining.

However, all the other features are shadowed by the Covenants present in the game which have been able to get fame unlike any other part of the game. The purpose of this article is to make the readers aware of what Covenants in World of Warcraft are so they can use this knowledge to get a better insight into the game in general.

More about Shadowlands Covenants

So, what exactly are the Covenants? A Covenant is one of the ruling power of the Shadowlands which makes them of high significance in the gameplay.

Shadowlands Covenants

By making each covenant a friend, players get access to

A covenant only ability, a special ability which enables players to perform not only better than others but also to unlock new features of the game.

A covenant only class ability. This ability belongs to the covenant only class which means that access to this ability cannot be obtained by other characters of the game.

A unique mount, which gives the overall characters a fresh look and feel.

An awesome covenant theme transmog.

In addition, players are also provided the ability to collect other goodies from time to time which makes the overall experience highly thrilling and entertaining.

Which Covenants Exist In The Shadowlands?

The next question that arises in the minds of There are four highly powerful Covenants are as follows.

Covenants in Shadowlands Expansion - World of Warcraft - Icy Veins

Kyrians in Bastion

Necrolords in Maldraxxus

Night Fae in Ardenweald

Venthyr in Revendreth

All Four Shadowlands Covenants In Detail

  • Ardenweald

The details of Ardenweald are provided here to throw some light on Night Fae which is the Covenant of this region. This is the place of death and rebirth of Night Fae which is an enchanted mystical forest. The game is in accordance with the requirements of the players as they want a hypothetical world.

WoW Shadowlands Zones and Covenants - Re-Encounter Popular Deceased Souls -  Wowhead News
  • Maldraxxus

The next Covenant on the list is Necrolord which is present in Maldraxxus. This Covenant is purplish and is loved by gamers due to its unique looks.

Features of Necrolord

This forte of this Covenant is the military might. It is powerful and can assist players in making quick progress in the gameplay with ease. The Covenant is not completely evil rather is tough. Resultantly it has been able to endure tough competition with ease.

WoW Shadowlands Zones and Covenants - Re-Encounter Popular Deceased Souls -  Wowhead News
  • Revendreth

This gothic land is full of dark secrets and that is what makes it highly fascinating for gamers. Resultantly they are attracted to the game. These beings are highly flawed and suffer here in the Revendreth because of their sins.

Players find this region especially attractive as it makes the overall gameplay highly fascinating and attractive.

WoW Shadowlands Zones and Covenants - Re-Encounter Popular Deceased Souls -  Wowhead News


The Kyrians exist in Bastion which makes them the fourth of the Shadowlands Covenants.

Covenant: Kyrians

This Covenant has been called to service because it is dutiful and purposeful. Bastion is where souls are sent to get rid of the burdens of the past. They seek virtue when they are here. This makes Bastion, the place of interest for a large number of players. Resultantly they come here to enjoy the game.

Convenant Signature Abilities

CovenantSignature Ability
KyrianSummon Steward
You can call your steward to get you a Phial of Serenity. It can be consumed for two reasons: 1. to restore your health; 2. to remove all Disease, Curse, Poison, and Bleed Effects.
You can use Steward additionally only once per day.
VenthyrDoor of Shadows
With this ability, you can appear at the target location.
Shield of flesh will protect you from the damage. If you stand near the defeated enemy when you will create a larger shield.
Night FaeSoulshape
With this ability you will increase movement speed. Also, you can reactivate Soulshape. It will let you to teleport a short distance forward.

What Do The Shadowlands Covenants Seek From Players?

The Covenants are highly powerful. However, nothing in the world comes for free. Thus, to gain something from the Covenants, the players are also required to provide them with some aid. This enables the players to reap the benefits of being friends with these Covenants. Resultantly they can enjoy the additional power provided by the Covenants.

How Many Covenants Can The Players Choose?

It is essential to mention here that players are bound by the game developers to choose only one of the four Shadowlands Covenants. This means that players can only befriend a Covenant and thus enjoy its powers. This limit has been provided by the game to make the overall experience highly entertaining.

Only One Covenant Per Player

Players need to dedicate themselves and their time to one Covenant only. This enables gamers to choose the best-suited Shadowlands Covenants from the four options. Players need to choose the right character. The reason being that whatever character has been chosen determines the further gameplay of players. This means that the overall experience of gamers will vary with the option they have chosen. A player that has chosen Kyrians in Bastion will undergo a different experience. Whereas a player that has gone for the Night Fae in Ardenweald will have an entirely different experience.

Covenants Are Be Zone Specific

One more thing that players must keep in mind is the fact that each Covenant featured by Shadowlands is zone-specific. Firstly, this is of great significance as players can use them only in a fixed zone. Secondly, it holds significance because the region chosen automatically comes along with the Covenant associated with it.

Datamining Reveals New Covenant Abilities For World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Covenant Cloaks

Each Covenant has a cloak that is specific to it. In the image shown below, one example of these cloaks is shown for reference purposes for readers.

As shown in the image above, these cloaks and additional items are very rare. This means that the overall result of these items gives a new look to the overall character. This makes the experience highly entertaining for gamers.

Final Verdict

Players are highly advised to take a look at Shadowlands Covenants. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, and this is the primary reason that these Covenants add a lot of fun to the gameplay. Secondly, the regions and options chosen by the players strictly determine what kind of experience they will have.

Therefore, players are recommended to make use of this game feature to get the most out of Shadowlands.

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