What Class Should I Play In Shadowlands? You must know it before you start to play!

If you ask yourself “What Class Should I Play In Shadowlands?”

What Class Should I play in Shadowlands?

You must read this arcticle. Here you will find an answer!

There have been lots of classes coming into existence in shadowlands. The primary aim is to give players an immersive and unforgettable experience. However, they (players) are finding it hard to choose the one to explore. Are you amongst these set of players?

Is there any new class?

The answer to this question is an emphatic “no”. However, there have lots of upgrades and changes to ensure you never miss any of the actions. Do you want to destroy opponents at will? Are you really ready to dominate your world by conquering enemies? You have a rare chance of fulfilling destiny today in the World of Warcraft.

Read below and find out the most adventurous class to explore. These are truly exciting times for world of Warcraft Aficionados.

Is Death Knight worth your time?

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Do you like overpowering foes using dark magic and brute force? Have you ever thought of survivability? What about dishing out decent damage without any need for sword-and-board tanking? If that is the case, death knight is the right class to play. This is because it ticks all of such boxes. There have been lots of changes which make it even more fascinating.

For instance, death knight can perform forbidden rituals through Sacrificial Pact. Furthermore, there is Chains of Ice to enable death knights bind every enemy. This class is not for players who want to be meticulous about resource management though.

What about Demon Hunter?

Have you been thinking of knocking down demons with swords, axes, and fist weapons? With a class like demon hunter, there won’t be any need asking a question such as “what class should I play in shadowlands?” It has everything to keep you busy all day. If you are searching for a class of simple character rotation, high mobility, and unique melee style, this is perfect. It is available to only blood elves and night elves.

In vengeance, there is 20% increment in Soul Cleave damage. The same can also be said of Feast Soul healing which has around 50% increment in terms of duration. For havoc, bites from demons can deal 20% additional damage. There is the introduction of Unbound Chaos to replace Fel Mastery.

Can Druid be a game-changer?

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Have you ever thought about the possibility of turning into an animal or something else? There is this belief that druid is the most exciting class in shadowlands. In order to kick asses freely, finding a way of adapting to different situations is crucial. When it comes to shapes-lifting, druids are known as the masters. This is because of their rare abilities of being able to change forms and shapes to suit different instances.

Do you want to know the best part about this class? It is the fact that they have additional flexibility. This has been evident on the changes made as more abilities are coming into existence. For example, there have been improvements in balance, restoration, guardian, and feral.

A typical example of these changes is the strengthening of solar as well as lunar empowerments. There has also been the re-imagination of Bloodtalons Talent. To be honest, no class comes close in terms of flexibility.

Can Hunter live up to the hype?

Have you ever thought of becoming a master of the wilderness but don’t really know how? Heck! Dominating the wilderness means you need the right ammunitions to overcome powerful obstacles. This is where hunters have an edge. They have all the best tools to take advantage of any surrounding they find themselves. Just see them as combat-ready guys.

Always remember that unleashing your complete potentials means understanding how to chain abilities. You get the chance of not just discovering new creatures but also taming them for future usage. Survival hunters seem to be improving their gadgets and weapons on regular basis to help bring down all the horrors around.

Have you heard of Mage?

Do you like the idea exploring magical options in shadowlands? What about using witchcraft and spell casting abilities? This is where mage will prove helpful as there are various schools of magic to be taken into consideration. If you enjoy having access to different spells from frost schools, fire and arcane, this is the ideal class.

There is the ability of Stalwart Brewmaster Monks to choose between different types of weapons to overcome enemies. The addition of a new ability known as celestial brew is also worth mentioning.

This is because of its damage-absorbing power. There is the chance of Brewster monks being able to challenge their target using Clash. Other changes that have been made are in aspects such as windtalker and mistweaver. Mage simply gives you access to magical powers like no other class in shadowlands.

And Paladin’s spells?

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How would you feel to save the world and is seen as the hero eventually? With Paladin, this becomes a reality. Imagine being able to protect friends by defeating their enemies. It simply means you will become the hero. The spells that paladin gives you access to are of different categories. These could be Auras, Blessings, and Seals. There is never a dull moment.

There have been lots of improvements and updates to ensure you don’t miss any tick of the action.

They have Word of Glory, Turn Evil, Shield of the Righteous, Sense Undead, Hammer of Wrath, and Blessing of Sacrifice. Regardless of any paladin chosen, these will be available. There is the shining light they exude to protect others.

Don’t forget that Retribution Paladins have access to wake of ashes. With a blow, enemies can be easily brought down through such ability. Paladin is one of those classes you don’t stumble upon too often.

Is priest really popular?

Priests are known for their abilities to call upon lights when it comes to healing friends. They can also get rid of enemies. Holy priests in shadowlands display some exceptional abilities. For instance, they can possess magical powers to overcome enemies. They can also protect themselves through drawing on the light.

It seems to be getting better and better in recent times with some mind-blowing additions. A proof of this is that every priest now has access to Shadow Word: Pain, Shadow Word: death, Power Infusion, mind soothe, and mind blast.

Final words

In the conclusion of the above, there is no doubt that shadowlands have got all that it takes to help you have an ultimate experience today. All the classes shown above are great and challenging. It doesn’t really matter which one you must have chosen to explore. The most important thing is having the best time while playing this game.

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