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Legend of Zelda is a world-famous game that has a huge fanbase, that’s why some fans have unique Legend of Zelda tattoos. This fanbase spreads over millions of global online players. The fans and enthusiasts of this action-adventure fictional gaming title absolutely love it. The reason is that it provides them with highly engaging and entertaining gameplay.

Importance For Gamers & Tattoo Lovers

The captivating nature of the game makes it an absolute hit among online gamers. Besides the online games, tattoo lovers from around the world also consider it a very good game. The reason behind this is that the game features a wide number of characters. All these characters can be brought into the form of Legends of Zelda tattoos.

Characters of Legend Of Zelda

Legends of Zelda has been developed by Japanese game developers. As we all know that the Japanese excel in such fictional games. Therefore, Legends of Zelda also follows the footsteps and provides a highly entertaining experience to gamers.

The Storyline

The game features several characters and players can choose them as per their liking. The main character of the game is known as Link. The primary aim of the gameplay is to rescue Princess Zelda.

This makes Link and Princess Zelda of particular importance for tattoo artists. This is the reason why many people prefer to get themselves Legends of Zelda tattoos of these two characters. Let’s discuss some of the characters of the game. Also, why these characters are good options for tattoos.

Link, The Main Character Of The Game

The first character that has to be made a part of this list is Link. It is because he is the main character of the game. Tattoos of Link are particularly famous as he is an attractive figure.

Use Of Colors In The Tattoos Of Link

The use of blue, brown, gray, and golden colors in the tattoo of Link makes it visually attractive. The image shown below provides an idea of how the tattoo of Link carries colors that are vibrant and punchy. The colorful nature of this tattoo makes it a good choice for fans.

Princess Zelda

The next character on our list is Princess Zelda. She is the main character of the game in the sense that all missions take place to rescue her. The below image gives an idea of the character to readers.

The pretty princess has a distinct personality that makes her the character of choice for tattoo lovers. The reason behind this is tattoo artists and fans like characters that are easy to identify. The reason is that such easily identifiable characters show the association of players with the game.

Impressive Use Of Colors

The use of pink, blue, red, green, and golden colors in the tattoo of Princess Zelda makes it highly desirable. The tattoo not only pleases the viewers but also captivates them. These tattoos are a must-have for enthusiasts of Legends of Zelda.

Reasons Why Legends of Zelda Tattoos Are Famous

Here are some of the reasons because of which the tattoos of this game have become famous.

Colorful Nature of Gameplay

The game features vibrant and punchy colors. These colors attract the attention of viewers from long distances. This makes the tattoos of the game very attractive. Players and tattoo lovers like these bright colors and thus love to get them.

Wide Variety of Characters

The wide variety of characters of the game make Legends of Zelda a great choice for players and enthusiasts. The tattoo lovers and artists also like the game due to this reason. This provides them with the chance to get the maximum number of tattoos from it.

Association With the Game

Tattoos are a quick way of showing your association with the game. The number of fans and players of Legends of Zelda is in millions. So, a number of people love the game. They also want to show their link and association with the game. And for this reason, tattoos are the best option.

Unique Nature Of Tattoos

Legends of Zelda is a fictional game. This means that the characters present in this game are all supernatural and fictional. These kinds of characters attract a lot of attention from players and viewers.

So, tattoos of such characters allow individuals having them to look unique. It is important for tattoo lovers because the primary reason for getting tattoos is to look unique.

No Other Games Even Comes Close

No other game serves the purpose of looking unique better than Legends of Zelda. Furthermore, the unique nature of these tattoos also makes them highly desirable for individuals of all ages. Thus, people love to get themselves a tattoo of this game.

Examples Of Legends Of Zelda Tattoos

Here are some examples of how tattoo artists from around the world have made use of the game characters. These examples provide ideas regarding Legends of Zelda tattoos to newcomers as well. As they can also follow the trend and start their own work with ease.

Tattoo By _cosmobotic

The tattoo from _cosmobotic contains Princess Zelda. Therefore, it immediately becomes identifiable that it is a tattoo from Legends of Zelda. The use of various shades of green, yellow, and blue colors has made the tattoo highly impressive. The tattoo is quite large and covers the entire arm of the individual.

The tattoo of Princess Zelda might not attract the attention of guys as it has a feminine touch to it. However, if properly done, these tattoos become very attractive. The reason being that Princess Zelda is very pretty and carries a very graceful personality. 

Tattoo From _frechdachstattoo

This tattoo from _frechdachstattoo will blow your mind. The reason being that it has glowing colors which make it one of the best choices for tattoo lovers. These shining colors immediately capture the attention of the viewers. The use of green, purple, yellow, red, orange, and black colors adds to the overall beauty.

This tattoo is a perfect example of the tattoos that are currently in vogue. It is because this tattoo has the capability of surprising the audience due to its glowing nature. The viewers don’t expect glowing tattoos. So, when they get to see one, they won’t be able to forget it.

So, for youngsters looking to impress their mates, such tattoos offer the best solutions to address their needs.

Tattoo By _jeffthielmantattoo

The next tattoo is from _jeffthielmantattoo which features bright and punchy colors. The use of green, black, orange, and red colors makes this tattoo absolutely amazing. So once again this kind of tattoo can be used to show how cool you are. The tattoo is quite big in size and covers the entire arm.

The unique creature shown in this tattoo is capable of grabbing the attention of the audience. Moreover, such fictional characters are highly in demand these days. The reason being that these creatures allow tattoo lovers to be unique.

Tattoo By _samwisetattoos

This tattoo from _samwisetattoos contains bright colors and spreads over all sides of the arm of the beholder. Such tattoos are highly attractive. This is because they feature a large number of colors. The colors used in this case are red, orange, blue, yellow, and green. The color palette chosen for this tattoo is very impressive.

The primary reason behind tattoos is getting the attention of viewers. Therefore, the tattoos of this type are highly attractive. This serves the purpose of getting tattoos in the most befitting manner. Also, such tattoos are gaining popularity very quickly among young individuals.

The youth wants such tattoos of bright colors as they believe that these tattoos are cooler than the dull ones. Thus, all tattoo artists need to learn the art of making such tattoos if they want to be famous. This will also enable them to make much more money.

Tattoo By _zack.simpson

This tattoo from _zack.simpson__ features relatively lighter colors. Such tattoos are also high in demand. The reason being that such tattoos are pleasing to the eyes of the viewers and also present a softer image of the beholder. It is because of this reason that such tattoos are high in demand these days.

The shield and sword shown in this tattoo serve two purposes. Firstly, it shows viewers that the individual has a strong link to the game. Secondly, it shows that the individual can engage in fights if needed. So, they need to beware.

Some More Examples

The tattoo shown below contains a bright red color. In addition to which a color palette has been used which makes it very pleasing to see. The colors used in the tattoo include red, orange, purple, black, and white. Such tattoos are very cool and are thus the choice of youngsters.

Colorful Tattoo

If you are a fan of colorful tattoos, the one shown below is most likely to impress you. This is a tattoo that has been created with a  lot of hard work. This is evident from the great attention to detail present in it. The colors used in this tattoo include blue, red, green, orange, yellow, and black.

Some tattoos are not as high quality as others. These tattoos do not have great attention to detail as some others possess. The tattoo shown in the below image is an example of this. The green color of the character and his blue armor are attractive. This looks like the work of a newbie in this field.

High Quality

Want to see some high-quality content? Here is some of it that might catch your attention. The below tattoo is an example of hard work and dedication and has been able to catch the attention of viewers. The reason is that the punchy colors make it very attractive.

Some tattoos are more complex than others. The tattoo shown in the below image is an example of such a tattoo. In this image, a number of smaller units have been combined to come up with a larger one. It features a large number of colors that make it quite pleasing.

The blue shield tattoo shown in the below image is a good example of a tattoo that is high quality. This tattoo attracts the attention of viewers due to the cool blue color it features. The overall combination of blue and red colors has made it a great tattoo.

For people looking for a colorful tattoo, the below image has a good option. In this image, a tattoo has been shown that has a sword covered with flowers. The sword is gray in color and the flowers are pink. The overall combination is very pleasing to the eyes.

For people interested in getting a bigger tattoo, the green character shown in the below image is a good option. The tattoo is relatively simple which means that not much effort has gone into it. However, it is quite attractive and this is what makes It a great option.

Look Unique

Individuals looking for fictional creatures will like the tattoo shown below. It has grayish color and the attention to detail is phenomenal. Tattoo lovers are attracted to this type of tattoos and appreciate the beauty and effort put into them. The artist has made a great combination of skin and gray color.

Here is another tattoo of the blue sword and armor. The combo is quite big. Viewers need to look at the handle of the sword and appreciate its beauty. The reason why it is looking so nice is that the artist has put in a lot of effort into making it. This much precision is hard to get otherwise.

This tattoo is a combination of three smaller tattoos. Fans have the choice of either getting only one of them or getting a combination of all three like the one shown here. The maroon and blue color combinations are looking very good. The sword and armor are again present in this tattoo.

The below tattoo is an example of a girlish tattoo as it has a feminine touch to it. This is primarily because of the color combination that has been used in making this tattoo. The pink, light green, and yellow colors present a combination that won’t be liked by everyone.

The below tattoo is of comparatively lower quality as compared to the tattoos that we generally see. The characters present at the top end of the tattoo are sort of blurry. It comes down to personal preferences but not many people like these types of tattoos. The color combination is also not that attractive.

Final Verdict

The article provides a perfect solution for individuals on the hunt for cool ideas related to Legends of Zelda tattoos. Such individuals can make use of these ideas as per their needs.

What is even more important is how Legends of Zelda has become the top priority for tattoo lovers. The reason being that it features fictional characters. These characters are very adorable and players of the game like to have them as tattoos.

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