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Best Gamer Tattoos Ideas

Video games have become a craze for millions of gamers around the world who love to spend time playing them. And at the same time enjoy them to the fullest.

Many of such gamers have been successful in converting this enjoyment filled experience into the source of bread and butter for them and now earn tens of thousands of dollars.

Annually by performing various tasks related to the video game industry. Such tasks include creating apparel and bags having video game characters, preparing posters, and even running blogs that feature various news and updates regarding these games.

However, one industry in this regard, which is more than two decades old but has recently been linked to video games is the field of tattoos.

Questions Regarding The Gaming Tattoos

Has it ever crossed your mind that how many different types of video game tattoos exist in the world and what sort of fan following do they possess?

How many people are involved in this field and how much revenue are they generating through it? If the answer is Yes, you are one of the millions of people who are interested in this field and find it highly fascinating. Let’s see how and when this industry came into existence.

The Onset of Video Game Tattoos

A recent surge in the field has attracted more gaming enthusiasts who are now seen showing interest in getting themselves some gamer tattoos that can show their affiliation with the field.

Moreover, according to many gamers who are obsessed with the video game industry, video games are no longer a choice or a source of entertainment but are the living style that has been adopted by them due to their immense passion for the field.

The Journey of Gamer Tattoos Ideas

It all began in the eighties when the games were comparatively simpler than the hyper-realistic experiences they’ve become now. Initially, these tattoos covered arcade games including Pacman and Pong.

However, they have also seen an evolution covering Super Mario and Donkey Kong. And surely more advanced level games, such as Assassin’s Creed have become favorite for individuals interested in such tattoos.

Fan Following Leads To More Tattoos

Gamers of various genres have different games which they love playing and the bigger the fan following for a game.

The most obsessed players are regarding getting their merch and tattoos. With such awesome game titles like Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty, and Battlefield have a fanbase spreading over millions of players.

The purpose of this article is to provide an insight to readers regarding gamer tattoos ideas and present some cool video game tattoos that can show how much effort and work is being put into this field.

Just look at the most interested and the most attractive gamer tattoos. These gamer in a badass way show their passion for great games. So you will get inspiration, and will definitely find your favorite tattoo. Here are the best gamer tattoo ideas currently in existence

Types Of Cool Video Game Tattoos

Fun Games Tattoos

This category includes games that primarily belong to the arcade category and possess basic graphic content but still, the vibrant and punchy colors of in-game characters give enthusiasts a great opportunity to get some cool video game tattoos. An example of a tattoo from this category can be seen below.

Image Source

As shown here, these tattoos are pretty big and thus most players opt to get them on their legs which is a cool way of showing their love for these tattoos.

Tattoos Containing Gritty Ideas

This category contains tattoos that won’t be liked by everyone because they are not the most colorful and lively sorts of tattoos out there rather, they capture the audience that is interested in getting the more serious and dark ones. This category of tattoos usually contains vivid imagery with a clear-cut message to the readers. To get a better idea of what they look like, take a look at the image below.

Image Source

However, as stated earlier as well, these tattoos don’t appeal to everyone due to the intense way in which images are presented.

  • Illustrative Tattoos

This category features tattoos that have the potential of capturing a special place in the mind of the viewers due to their illustrative design and punchy colors and are thus able to attract a lot of attention.

Image Source

This image shown above depicts a character from Zelda and the attention to detail especially in the buildings and towers shown in the background is exemplary. The illustrative video game tattoos require skills that are not very easy to find and thus this category is especially liked among the fanbase.

Realistic Video Game Tattoos

The world is moving towards high definition in all forms and even the video game industry is not willing to be a laggard in this regard. This category of gamer tattoos ideas depicts video game characters in high quality and are thus highly realistic.

Image Source

The above image has been taken from the all-time favorite game known as Mortal Kombat and the character depicted in the tattoo is easily identifiable by players that have been enjoying this game for more than a decade now.

This category of cool video game tattoos derives its origin from the human nature of having content in high definition. Another example of a tattoo from this category is shown in the image below and as evident from the photo, the image looks extremely realistic.

Image Source

Although these realistic video game tattoos are highly appealing and catch attention like none other yet getting a realistic tattoo with extreme perfection needs considerable time and competence which is rarely found. Therefore, these types of gamer tattoos are very high in demand.

Pokémon Tattoos

Pokémon is a highly addictive video game with millions of global players that play it on a regular basis. Therefore, the video game tattoos of Pokémon have a category of their own due to the high popularity. One such tattoo is shown in the image below.

Image Source

Final Verdict

The video game tattoo industry has seen a surge regarding demand and popularity in recent times and several professionals providing high-quality services to interested individuals are serving the purpose by furnishing gamer tattoos ideas. The cool video game tattoos shown above depict some of the best gamer tattoos ideas that exist today.

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